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The Solution for Side-Sleepers with Shoulder Pain

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Side-sleeping is the most common sleep position according to medical research. Most people, however, change their position throughout the night. A study by Skarpsno et al, 2017 found that participants spent 54% of the night sleeping on their side and 37% of the night sleeping on their back. The participants averaged about 1.6 position changes per hour throughout the night.

For people that experience shoulder pain, sleep disturbances and waking pain can be common. Rolling onto the painful shoulder can increase pain and cause the individual to wake up.

How Does Side-Sleeping Contribute to Shoulder Pain?

When you sleep on your side, the weight of your body can put pressure on the shoulder, contributing to pain and discomfort. This pressure contributes to compression of the shoulder joint, rotator cuff tendons, and nerve structures which can exaccerbate pain. Prolonged compression of the nerves in your arm will result in your arm "falling asleep"- numbness, tingling, and difficulty moving your arm. Side-sleeping can also increase the likelihood of neck pain and soreness.

Changing your primary sleep position can be very difficult, even in the presence of shoulder pain. Using standard pillows to help positioning can be useful, but it is difficult to keep the pillows from moving while you change positions throughout the night. Placing a standard head pillow under your arm will help, but the pillow can easily fall out.

Shoulder Pain Relief for Side-Sleepers

The Shoulder Sleeper Pillow was invented to solve the problem of shoulder pain while sleeping. We spent years desigining and perfecting the Shoulder Sleeper Pillow to best help those experiencing shoulder pain.

The Shoulder Sleeper Pillow combines comfort, stability, and security to help alleviate shoulder pain while sleeping.

Shoulder Sleeper Features:

Arm Bar Tapering: Prevents excessive motion of the arm while sleeping on your back and side. The design of the foam helps to stabilize the arm while laying on your back and side.

Pressure Point Relief: The contouring of the foam was specifically designed to decrease pressure on key nerve structures. This feature helps to reduce numbness and tingling while sleeping.

SecureStrap: Designed to be minimally invasive with a priority on comfort, the SecureStrap keeps the arm within the pillow. The SecureStrap also extends on the back side of the pillow, securing the pillow to the users body.

Body Curve: Conforms to the shape of your torso, improving stability and comfort.

Hex Fabric: Soft, cooling, and moisture wicking, the Hex Fabric dramatically improves comfort. It is also machine-washable!

If you're a side sleeper and struggle with shoulder pain, check out The Shoulder Sleeper Pillow today!


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