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Mike is a licensed Physical Therapist who specializes in shoulder and elbow injuries. Mike has seen hundreds of patients with shoulder pain and who have undergone shoulder surgery. Mike has worked with professional athletes in multiple sports, including MLB. He combined his education, passions, and experience to help bring The Shoulder Sleeper Pillow™ to life.

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Sam Jacobsak is a professional baseball player and Northeastern University alumnus. After years of suffering from shoulder pain, and a subsequent surgery, he became dedicated to finding a solution that helps improve sleep quality and comfort. Drawing on his own experience and those of his teammates, Sam helped design and develop The Shoulder Sleeper Pillow™.

Medical Advisor

Dr. Matthew Pifer is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon based in Santa Barbara, CA. Dr. Pifer completed his medical degree at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. During medical school, he also completed a Masters of Science in Applied Surgical Anatomy. Orthopedic surgical residency at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in Royal Oak, Michigan, followed. Dr. Pifer completed fellowship training in Orthopedic Sports Medicine, minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, and focusing on the Shoulder at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego.


Dr. Pifer currently holds faculty status at prestigious national and international conferences. He brings a wealth of information and experience in clinical patient care and medical equipment design.

Dr. Matthew Pifer, MD

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